19-20 February 2019 | Aquaworld Hotel Resort Budapest, Íves út 16.

40 exhibitors and 800 professional attendees.
Topics: strategy planning - practice in precision farming
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What is the PREGA?

It’s the Agricultural Digitalization Forum in Hungary.

  • Decision makers from the most prominent agricultural companies will share
    their unique insight
  • PREGA’s active media presence enhances the visibility of all participants.
  • Our exclusive venue ensures a professional and enjoyable experience for all

Our mission:

To help Hungarian farmers responsibly deploy
tomorrow’s technologies.


Hungary’s most well-known agrarian conference

*Acquisition of information and decision support in agrarian research, 2018 – AgroStrategia

The beginning of the conference


International speakers

Director and Professor of Precision Agriculture, Massey Agritech Partnership Research Center, New Zealand
Research area: Remote sensing and precision engineering

Kansas State University, USA
His field of research is the econonomy of crop production systems and the application of ‘big data’ in precision farming

University of Lleida, GRAP – Research Group is AgroICT & Precision Agriculture Catalonia, Spain. Research area: sensory testing of orchards in precision farming.

PREGA 2019 Conference and Exhibition

Our conference will be held on 19 and 20 February 2019 for two days.
Day 1
2019 02 19
Day 2
2019 02 20

Topic: Strategy – Planning – Practice

Grants – Regulation – Broadcasting – After 2020 How do we begin precision farming? Grape and fruit production Vegetable Livestock breeding Field Workshop Roundtable discussions PREGA Science Scientific Conference –...
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Topic: New developments in arable crops

Soil Information, Nutrient Substitution – Arable Section I. Irrigation and water management Seed, sowing and planting – Arable Sector II. Advice, Nutrition Supplement – Arable Section III. Information Acquisition and...
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PREGA Science Scientific Conference 2019

As in previous years, we are organizing the PREGA Scientific Conference on the first day of the PREGA Conference and Exhibition, with great interest. In the field of Precision Management, lecturers carrying out scientific research present their latest results in English.

PREGA Science’s lectures will be held on the first day of the PREGA 2019 in the 8th floor of the Aquaworld Hotel Resort.


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